The core objective of any intelligence professional is to enable decision-advantage that ultimately could save lives, resources or time. Their ability to do this is directly tied to the data available and tools with which they can use to make the data talk. Too often in time-critical operations, the requisite intelligence and capabilities to analyze and exploit the data are not readily available, resulting in missed opportunities and increased risk.

At Maxar, we focus on helping our customers and partners achieve mission success. SecureWatch, our cloud-based geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) platform, provides the necessary information and features needed for superior decision-making, particularly in support of military operations. SecureWatch provides mission partners across the world the keys to creating a complete intelligence picture by delivering on-demand GEOINT from the world’s most advanced commercial imaging satellite constellation, at up to 30 cm spatial resolution, from a 20-year, global archive.

With hundreds of active users, SecureWatch has become the indispensable source for GEOINT. SecureWatch enables multiple workflows, allowing analysts to work on diverse missions. Using the SecureWatch web portal or API and web services to integrate with other software, intelligence professionals can better understand the world and provide insightful context to decision-makers.


SecureWatch allows users to view on-demand imagery content through the web application or APIs, quickly and easily mapping and discovering new features in their area of interest. In addition to current and historical imagery, analysts can use SecureWatch to access Maxar’s high-quality global imagery mosaics, the world’s highest resolution, most accurate and visually consistent satellite imagery product. These mosaics benefit analysts on missions such as map production and feature extraction because mosaics provide a workflow-ready foundation for extracting geospatial information.

This example shows Maxar’s Metro Mosaic product over Moscow, Russia in SecureWatch.


End users leverage SecureWatch to view imagery over an area of interest from multiple angles throughout Maxar’s 20-year imagery archive. Each day, Maxar’s WorldView constellation adds 2,500+ images - over 3 million square kilometers of coverage - to the library. This imagery includes panchromatic, multispectral and short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery. Additionally, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery from RADARSAT-2 is available through SecureWatch. This abundance of imagery and spectral variety allow end users to look deeper into situations and create better informed reports for missions like change detection, order-of-battle assessment, pattern-of-life analysis and facility monitoring. Tools within the platform allow analysts to add annotations and publish high-quality intelligence products.

These two images captured the Chinese aircraft carrier Type 001A at Yulin Naval Base, Hainan on December 19, 2019. The left image is a WorldView-3 pan-sharpened true color image. On the right is a RADARSAT-2 SAR image of the same area.


SecureWatch’s Exploit Mode is available to do real-time imagery exploitation. End users can adjust the dynamic range to optimize visualization for nearly any light condition, choose from available spectral bands to reveal insights about activity on the ground and apply powerful Maxar algorithms including Atmospheric Compensation (ACOMP) for cutting through haze and other atmospheric effects. All of these enhancements to the imagery empower the analyst to derive additional insight in one interface.

WorldView-3 captured this image of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq on Jan. 1, 2020. Using Exploit Mode, SecureWatch displays a true color image on the left. The right is the same image in near-infrared false-color which highlights vegetation and makes the flame from the active fire much more visible.

What’s next?

As we begin a new decade, Maxar is working to provide even greater value to our mission partners. We are investing in SecureWatch with a focus on speed, expanded data sources and tools. Maxar is scheduled to launch its new WorldView Legion constellation starting in early 2021. Legion will dramatically increase Maxar’s imaging capacity over high-demand areas (up to 15 times per day), and this imagery will enable SecureWatch users to better monitor their areas of interest. In addition to integration with Maxar’s new WorldView Legion constellation, the SecureWatch team is working on integrating change detection and maritime-focused datasets, as well as improving the user experience. We will continue to be the global preeminent instrument for intelligence professionals.

Maxar will be exhibiting at the DGI Conference in London starting Jan. 20, 2020. Please stop our booth for a live demonstration of SecureWatch. You can also request a free SecureWatch evaluation

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