Earth Intelligence at Maxar has been evolving over the years as technology has advanced. SecureWatch launched in 2017 and EarthWatch hit the market the following year. These two web-based platforms have transformed from a place to stream and download Maxar’s 20-year electro-optical satellite imagery library to robust environments where defense and commercial customers have on-demand access to high-resolution imagery, tools and information about our changing planet.

Maxar is unifying these two platforms under the SecureWatch name to optimize the best experience for our customers. The new SecureWatch will retain the core functionality, reliability and support that SecureWatch and EarthWatch customers have grown to depend on for monitoring and high-definition mapping. Popular features, such as the ability to view time series of imagery and to adjust image orientation, color bands, haze and more, will remain foundational components. SecureWatch will also continue to be a secure environment for aggregating geospatial intelligence to extract actionable information for analyst reports, enterprise mapping missions and location monitoring.

By bringing these products together, Maxar will streamline further development by focusing on one environment, enabling more frequent upgrades and cutting-edge enhancements for customers across the commercial and government sectors. Right now, Maxar is working on these upcoming features:

  • Improved access to Maxar’s library of new and archival electro-optical (EO) and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images
  • Added tools for exploiting and analyzing images within the SecureWatch web application
  • Accelerated future availability of integrated geospatial content such a change detection alerts, extracted features, and more.

This unification will not cause significant user changes for customers. Maxar will automatically switch all EarthWatch customers to SecureWatch accounts. EarthWatch customers will notice that their login portal web address will change to and the product name on the interface will change to SecureWatch. Current SecureWatch users will continue using their current login portal URL. Customers can expect this change to be completed by Dec. 31, 2019.

Maxar’s SecureWatch platform displays a WorldView-3 short-wave infrared image (this capability sees through smoke to show wildfire hot spots) of the Kincaid Fire in Sonoma, CA on October 27, 2019.

Maxar’s Online products, which includes the unified SecureWatch and the Global Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (G-EGD) program, have more than 140 customers across the globe. More than 300,000 users leverage Maxar’s industry-leading geospatial data through the Online products for a variety of industry verticals such as defense- and intelligence-focused government organizations, civil governments, non-governmental organizations like global think tanks, natural resource management and energy production companies, and technology companies focused on location intelligence, visualization and automation.

To learn more about SecureWatch, please visit the product webpage.

If you have questions about your EarthWatch account, please contact Maxar Cloud Services.

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