Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies that have revolutionized many industries. In our daily lives, they help video streaming services predict which movies we’d like to watch, allow credit card companies to identify fraudulent transactions and enable navigation apps to find the fastest route to our destination. But they’re also revolutionizing space.

Maxar is employing cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques for a range of applications both in space and on Earth. In the third installment of our Maxar Missions video series, you’ll see how we are leveraging our data and in-house expertise, as well as that of our growing partner ecosystem, to deliver vaccines in developing nations, create valuable commercial information products, and develop autonomous robotic systems that will power the next era of space exploration.

The pace of innovation in the new space economy is accelerating, and I’m extremely proud of the variety of ways that we’re harnessing machine learning and artificial intelligence for good. To give you a deeper look, watch Maxar's Tony Frazier’s keynote presentation at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Augmentation to Build a Better World.

And stay tuned for a pair of blog posts from Maxar CTO Walter Scott that explore some of the Maxar secret sauce that is making many of these advancements possible.

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