At Maxar Technologies, our Purpose is to Build a Better World. We believe that satellites, Earth imagery, robotics, geospatial data and analytics have the power to drive positive change in the world, and it is our tremendous honor to work with many organizations around the world to do just that.

World leaders and decision makers need accurate, long-term data on Earth’s geophysical changes to make sound policies. Space-based remote sensing has been an invaluable tool in this regard going back almost 50 years to the start of the U.S. Landsat program. This week we will be highlighting the many ways in which Maxar companies are working to monitor climate change.

Today, there are hundreds of Earth observation satellites using many different phenomenologies to monitor changes on Earth. DigitalGlobe’s electro-optical imaging satellites see the Earth in very high resolution and in many spectral bands, allowing them to observe things like coastline change. DigitalGlobe customers are leveraging cloud storage and machine learning tools to extract valuable insights at global scale from its 18-year, 100-petabyte image library.

MDA’s synthetic aperture radar technology is incredibly useful for monitoring vast areas and automatically detecting changes like deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. And SSL is a world leader in building scientific research spacecraft and components that are sensitive enough to detect incredibly small but important changes to the Earth’s land and water masses.

Follow along as we explore some of the ways that we are contributing to this monumental task. We kick off the week with a focus on how satellites are used to monitor glacial melt.

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