In our “Reflections on GEOINT 2017” blog series, we’ve explored how DigitalGlobe and our ecosystem of partners are coming together to address challenges facing the intelligence community discussed at the USGIF GEOINT 2017 Symposium. An overarching theme is that government and industry can accelerate the pace of innovation when we work together collaboratively to go after hard problems, an approach we’re already taking at DigitalGlobe: So where do we go from here? This is our vision for the DigitalGlobe—an ecosystem that unlocks insights at scale from a unique combination of comprehensive geospatial intelligence, big data capabilities and expert analysis. The DigitalGlobe enables multisource data collection and analytics to reveal insights that are visible, accessible and actionable.
The world and its 8 billion people have gone global—global economies, societies and markets that are interrelated and affect each other. DigitalGlobe is currently building solutions to these upcoming trends that will transform our daily living, and thus geospatial intelligence, in unimaginable ways: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1091"] By leveraging DigitalGlobe’s 100 PB imagery archive, partners like NTT DATA can create stunning elevation datasets (above) for a variety of applications. Images ©NTT DATA and DigitalGlobe.[/caption] We are at a tipping point where the commercial future will leverage a global, digital information ecosystem—the DigitalGlobe—opening radical new business opportunities that will power actionable insights for companies and governments around the world.
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