EDX recently announced the release of SignalPro 8.4.1, the newest version of its popular wireless network planning software. Among many new capabilities, SignalPro now has the scalability to leverage Vricon geodata at full 50 cm resolution! For wireless network planners, this means accelerated project timelines and better model results with fewer iterations. Vricon and Maxar have been developing game-changing geodata for wireless network planning, particularly over wide areas beyond the urban core (including lower-density urban areas and outlying suburban areas). In the past, high-cost, high-quality geodata was primarily used in the urban core, with lower-quality, low-cost geodata used in the outlying areas. But with Vricon’s scalable technology and Maxar’s massive library of high-resolution imagery, we can now build wireless network planning geodata sets on a massive scale and at reasonable prices—a crucial combination as networks become more advanced and increasingly dense over wide areas. Maxar and Vricon’s geodata had (in some ways) outpaced the software that uses it. This is big, heavy raster data, after all, not the simplified polygon models that are frequently used today. So it can require a fair amount of compute resources to process at higher resolution levels. As a result, we’ve needed to down-sample geodata for our customers so that their current software and infrastructure can digest it. But the industry is moving forward, and this move by EDX to make SignalPro scalable enough to digest full-resolution data is an industry-leading move in the wireless network planning software space. The improved results achieved with better geodata can reduce the amount of iteration in models based on real-world testing, which can improve project timelines and reduce project costs.

Check it out! Here’s our full-resolution geodata over Washington, D.C., straight from EDX product testing:

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