DigitalGlobe, Inc., the global leader in Earth imagery and information about our changing planet, and Hitachi, Ltd. signed a commercial reseller agreement that designates Hitachi as the exclusive reseller of DigitalGlobe products in Japan. Hitachi started a satellite imagery distribution service on April 1, 2017, providing products and services with resolution up to 30 cm from DigitalGlobe’s world-class constellation of high-resolution satellites. Hitachi appointed JAPAN SPACE IMAGING CORPORATION (JSI), a group company, as its exclusive sub-reseller. DigitalGlobe’s satellites collect millions of square kilometers of Earth imagery on a daily basis. In recent years, the technology that extracts data from these images has become increasingly sophisticated. The imagery and data provide insights into changes on Earth, which are frequently used for crisis management, agricultural monitoring, business intelligence, scientific research, and global development. Hitachi has extensive experience in satellite imagery data sales in Japan. As a result of this reseller agreement, Hitachi will be able to distribute satellite imagery products and services to numerous customers, including: government and municipal offices, news organizations, and commercial companies. Also, with access to DigitalGlobe’s high-resolution imagery, Hitachi can support a wide range of project requests, ranging from damage assessments after large-scale disasters to creating agricultural plans based on historical crop growth data. By using JSI as its sub-reseller, Hitachi aims to further expand its business by providing satellite imagery services that meet the diverse needs of customers.
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