In a view only DigitalGlobe could manage with multiple satellites in our constellation, WorldView-1 caught this sequence of images of the WorldView-3 Atlas V launch vehicle as it launched from Vandenberg AFB in California last Wednesday. The rocket was really moving; by the time of the last frame, WorldView-3 was traveling at just over 1,000 mph at an altitude of 49,000 feet. WorldView-1 shot these while moving at 17,000 mph at an altitude of 307 miles above the ground, at a distance of between 500 and 750 miles from the rocket. As we sent WorldView-3 up to begin capturing more images of the earth, we’re proud that WorldView-1 was able to witness the “birth” of its newest sibling. Last Friday, we were thrilled to have be the first to share the news of DigitalGlobe’s sequence of images turned to a GIF, thanks Time! Updated 8/21/2014 In addition to WorldView-1, which enabled us to capture a view of WorldView-3’s Atlas V launch vehicle from above as it climbed up through the atmosphere, we also had WorldView-2 looking at the launch from a greater distance (about 2000 miles) and a more oblique angle. We wanted to share this image that show the launch of WorldView-3 from the side, as it climbed up through 84,000 feet, where it was traveling at almost 1700 mph.
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