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How We Work Together Saab and DigitalGlobe enable advanced geospatial 3D data with global coverage. For more than 75 years Saab has demonstrated leadership in innovation. From jet fighters to surveillance radar systems, missiles, marine electronics, and traffic and communications systems, Saab is well-recognized for its many technological and scientific breakthroughs. And now, in partnership with DigitalGlobe and through our Information Partner Program, its Vricon system is revolutionizing the delivery of mission-critical, photo-realistic, high resolution geospatial 3D data to customers worldwide. The Vricon system automatically processes imagery from satellites, UAVs and manned aircraft to build stunning 3D Models without the use of control points or elevation models in the process, which makes the system extremely efficient while utilizing its available computing power. Saab is currently expanding its processing center to serve a growing demand. “The scalable Vricon technology and the extensive DigitalGlobe imagery archive are an incredible match” says Manne Anliot, Director of Marketing and Sales at Saab Vricon Systems. “Our customers gain access to a 3D globe with a new level of accuracy”. Saab Vricon leverages DigitalGlobe’s extensive archive to create a unique value proposition for its customers by developing realistic 3D Models. Use of DigitalGlobe’s archive virtually eliminates the need to collect new imagery, accelerates Saab’s ability to provide customers with 3D Models, and enables them to provide models nearly anywhere on the globe. Precision and photorealism The absolute 3D accuracy of the Vricon data ranges from approx. 0.3 m SE90, based on aerial imagery, to 6 m SE90 based on satellite imagery. SE90 stands for Spherical Error 90 %. Together with photorealistic textures it offers a new level of understanding of the terrain. Saab is currently focusing its efforts on serving the military Geoint/ISR and Targeting domains. Looking ahead, the technology may be applied to energy-producing industries, telecommunications, and other industry verticals. For more information, please visit

Vricon Satellite 3D data for Damascus, Syria

Visit the Saab Vricon booth at the upcoming GeoInt Symposium conference to learn more. Or stop by the DigitalGlobe booth and listen to Saab Vricon during our tech talks. Back to Blog

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