Last fall, DigitalGlobe launched the Information Partner Program. This program supports partners who are laser-focused on building applications and services that harvest the rich information contained within our satellite imagery and deliver it to their customers. This program connects our Partners with various groups within DigitalGlobe, such as Sales, Research and Development, and Marketing, with the goal of aligning resources to amplify the Partners’ brand and help them rapidly deliver scalable, world-class solutions to their customers. The program will include partners that are developing solutions for both commercial and defense & intelligence customers. Benefits Partners who enlist gain a variety of benefits as well as access to a deeper set of corporate support resources including:
  • Global Brand Exposure
    • Opportunity to directly engage with DigitalGlobe’s global sales teams
    • Listing on DigitalGlobe’s Information Partners web page complete with marketing tools, such as case studies, videos, and presentations
    • Inclusion in marketing materials at DigitalGlobe-sponsored events
    • Participation in DigitalGlobe’s LEAD Webinar Series
  • DigitalGlobe Product Development & Labs (PD&L) Support
    • Opportunity to engage with the DigitalGlobe PD&L team and provide input on product and technology development
  • Demand Fulfillment
    • Specialized archive search support
    • Optimized path for imagery procurement
Our Goals We’ve tailored this program with three goals in mind:
  1. Increase the number of deals in our Information Partners’ sales pipeline by publicizing their products in our sales and marketing programs.
  2. Streamline Information Partners’ DigitalGlobe Customer Experience by providing the raw materials and technology that they need to support the products that they sell.
  3. Engage Information Partners with DigitalGlobe’s Product Development and Labs team to identify new capabilities that may help improve the quality of their derivatives and deliver them to market faster.
Some of our charter members of the program
Complete list of Information Partners: Each month I will focus on a particular Information Partner and their unique use case. By leveraging the creative energy of our partners, the Information Partner Program opens up a new dimension for DigitalGlobe’s go-to-market strategy and will help drive the evolution of the imagery-based solutions business. For questions about this program or if your company would like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact me:
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