We wanted to take a moment and thank you. Your response to our search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was incredible. Over 8 million of you joined DigitalGlobe's campaign on the Tomnod platform and together we tagged millions of possible clues spanning 1,007,750 square kilometers of high resolution satellite imagery. We are humbled and thrilled by the immense help that each of you contributed. Search teams investigated all the promising leads we discovered but the plane has still not been found. We mourn with the families and friends of everyone on board MH370. Although our role in this search has ended, DigitalGlobe's Tomnod platform continues to crowdsource the world. We're always exploring new satellite images and revealing new information about our changing planet. We'd love for you to continue to be part of the Tomnod team! This time of year is tornado season for the United States. Multiple tornadoes swept across the South and Midwest last week, creating widespread damage. Help us with our disaster relief efforts by tagging damaged homes, buildings, and roads. DigitalGlobe combines our imagery with the power of the crowd to responds to important and interesting events all over the planet. Visit your Tomnod profile page and let us know the campaigns you’d like to be involved in. It is because of dedicated contributors like you that DigitalGlobe is able to bring our Purpose: Seeing a Better World™ to life every day.

The red strips on the map indicate imagery that was collected and crowdsourced

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