DigitalGlobe is expanding its partnership with MapBox to deliver imagery to media users more quickly and efficiently through MapBox’s Satellite Live service. DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook service monitors crisis events worldwide, leveraging DigitalGlobe’s leading constellation and ground infrastructure to collect and deliver fresh, up-to-date imagery of an event in as little as a few hours. Under this expanded relationship, FirstLook imagery will be a part of MapBox’s Satellite Live premium content offering. (Testing image: Cairo, Egypt: July 23 2013, 7:49:20 AM -- Pan Sharpened Natural Color via QuickBird. Street data via OpenStreetMap) MapBox’s embeddable web map layers will include DigitalGlobe’s FirstLook imagery, enabling end users to explore the full scope of pre and post disasters and events, including natural disasters, man-made disasters, political unrest and human interest events. MapBox Satellite Live end users will see an "add this map" button, letting them add the map right to their MapBox account. Ultimately, DigitalGlobe is enabling our media partners to more easily and quickly incorporate high-resolution imagery into their online properties, thereby keeping readers informed and up-to-date on current events around the globe. Online-based media outlets can contact MapBox and incorporate this tool in their website by entering into an agreement directly with MapBox. Broadcast media can still access FirstLook images via DigitalGlobe partner, Vizrt. For more information about using DigitalGlobe images in the media, please contact
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