05.02.2013 | Earth Intelligence

Maxar Expands Customer Base in China

By: Maxar Technologies

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Through Siwei Worldview, our joint venture partner in China, we have recently established several new relationships, and strengthened existing relationships, throughout China, reinforcing the value we can provide to customers looking for high volume and high quality imagery products. Most recently, Siwei WorldView secured a new agreement to provide more than 8.7 million square kilometers of imagery, covering more than 90 percent of China’s landmass, to a prominent organization in the country. The imagery will support the organization’s ongoing mission to create a nationwide basemap. Upon completion, the basemap will provide updated, high-quality geo-data resources. Earlier this year, Siwei WorldView also secured new agreements with two prominent Chinese civil governments focused on management of land resources. Under one agreement, Siwei WorldView will provide 57,000 square kilometers of archived imagery, helping form the base layer of a high-resolution digital map of the entire rural area of the respective province; under the other, Siwei WorldView will provide imagery of China’s most densely populated urban areas in more than 15 provinces. Late last year, Siwei WorldView also fostered a new multi-year relationship with one of the country’s largest providers of location based services (LBS), digital mapping content and navigation solutions. Under this contract, Siwei WorldView will provide the company with archived imagery for a total of 350 cities in China. These new relationships add to Siwei WorldView’s previously announced contracts with China’s three largest internet portals, which use Maxar’s imagery extensively in their online mapping services. We’re looking forward to continuing our longstanding and newly established relationships with customers throughout China and growing Siwei Worldview to further benefit the Chinese market.

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