Most people familiar with DigitalGlobe believe our business is only driven by defense and intelligence and location-based services. While these two customer segments have been tremendous users of high-resolution satellite imagery, we are seeing increased adoption across international civil governments around the globe. Many of the most rapidly developing economies in the world in particular are relying on satellite imagery to help inventory and protect their precious natural resources. For example, DigitalGlobe imagery has been used in India and Russia to support forest mapping and monitoring. These projects are great examples of how our international customers can document change over large areas by gaining fast and easy access to existing and newly collected satellite imagery. Our relationship with a forestry agency in Russia was recently renewed for the third year in a row through one of DigitalGlobe's Russian resellers. We supply high-resolution satellite imagery for the agency to better manage key forestry regions across the nation. Forested regions account for approximately half of Russia's land mass in total and represent about 22 percent of the world's forests. This massive area is equivalent in size to the entire land mass of the United States. We are helping our customer monitor change detection, identify illegal logging and map the inventory of the forest. Additionally, we recently secured an award from the forestry department in an Indian state to support mapping and monitoring of extensive forest areas. More than 30 percent of the state is under forest cover, totaling nearly 95,000 square kilometers. We’ll provide the customer with high-resolution satellite imagery to pursue development and conservation programs that require them to quickly access current imagery of existing forest cover and periodically update the imagery to detect changes. Ultimately, our imagery will help simplify the customer’s development and conservation efforts while ensuring they have access to the latest visualizations of the state’s extensive forests. It’s clear that we are uniquely positioned to address the challenge of accurately monitoring change across exceptionally large areas. It wouldn’t be possible without our expansive commercial satellite constellation, ground station network and superior technical infrastructure. We expect additional opportunities to emerge as commercial satellite imagery becomes increasingly important to support the monitoring and analysis of rapidly growing, emerging markets. Our forestry monitoring success in Russia and India can be applied to other huge land mass markets like Brazil, China and Africa. Our capability of forestry analysis is a great example of how we hope to achieve our purpose to See a Better World™.
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