Unless you are preparing for an appearance on Jeopardy, you might not know some of the following interesting facts about satellites and satellite imagery. Fun Facts about Satellites:
  • Satellites travel at 18,000 miles per hour. That means in a given day, satellites can travel the entire circumference of the Earth about 14 times.
  • A satellite gets better fuel economy than a Prius.
  • If you put all of the data that our satellites collect in a year on DVDs, it would form a stack nearly 4 times the height of the Empire State Building.
  • There are over 2,500 satellites in orbit around the Earth.
  • DigitalGlobe has four satellites around the world at any given moment, ready to take instant pictures of world events.
  • In addition to being used for defense and intelligence, satellite imagery has many innovative uses in the environmental, economic, entertainment and humanitarian sectors.
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